Do you want to renovate your home in Dubai but don’t know where to begin? This step-by-step
guide will help you understand all of the requirements you may need, as well as advise you on the
most efficient and cost-effective way to get what you want

But first, why should you think about doing a home renovation in Dubai? Several factors can
influence your decision to have a full or partial home renovation. Home renovations will significantly
improve the appearance and feel of your home while also creating a unique and likable environment
for you. A well-done home renovation will also increase the value of your home, giving you more if
you decide to sell it later. Whatever your reason for embarking on a home improvement project,
there is no better time than the present, and we at Woodenbox Interiors are experts in this field.
It is critical to ensure that you have agreed on some of the fundamental aspects of a complete home
renovation. During this process, factors such as budget, design, personal style, and functionality all
play a role.
A few basic pointers will help you understand the entire home renovation process and troubleshoot
some common issues

1. Preparation, Preparation, Preparation
Starting a home improvement project is both exciting and rewarding. You may want to begin
working on the project right away without fully understanding the contents and
requirements. Adequate planning will allow you to serve out eligible contractors while also
giving you an idea of impossible designs and themes to consider.
You will also be able to plan your budget based on the fixtures and interior feel you desire. It
is also a good idea to allow the contractors to get a feel for your home as they survey and
inspect it weeks before the actual renovation project begins.
Preparation also entails extensive research. This will assist you in identifying sales and offers
of fixtures and furniture that you would otherwise have to pay exorbitant prices for, as well
as contractors with the best deals in your area. For example, depending on the season, some
online stores will offer up to 50% off select items.
2. Think About Your Budget
In any project, the budget is critical to ensuring that the intended results are achieved. It is
best to be aware of your spending and spending limits in order to plan accordingly. For
example, it is always better to underestimate than overestimate, as this allows you to
consider other potential fixtures and deal with unforeseen expenses.
This way, you can begin with the most important aspects while gradually gathering anything
else that may be required. However, with current inflation costs, don’t be concerned if you
go over budget. This is unavoidable as supplies become more expensive by the day.
3. Take into account Building Restrictions
In some residential areas, you may be required to obtain planning permission. As a result,
knowing whether or not the home is listed is critical in order to avoid potential fines and
encumbrances. For example, several listed properties frequently impose restrictions on
potential renovations to and within the house. As a result, it is critical to check with your
local listings to see if the home you are in is eligible for Renovations.
4. Analyse your Space
It is critical to examine the area you are working on to determine what goes where.
Considering storage space and kitchen layout, for example, will work wonders in
transforming the interior of the house. You should think about where you want to put your
new kitchen cabinets and whether they will add functionality to your kitchen.
Adding a kitchen island to an already crowded space can seem impossible because it makes
the space even more crowded. As a result, understanding the space you’re working with is
critical to avoiding mistakes.
Different contractors frequently have creative ways of completing interior designs. For
example, you could replace your marble oak doors with modern sliding doors to save space
in a small room. Considering the needs of the residents will also assist you in identifying
potential areas for improvement. A low-lying ceiling, for example, will be uncomfortable if
the majority of the inhabitants are tall.
5. Choosing the Best Contractor
This is possibly the most important home renovation hack. There are several local options
available to help you save money on contractor costs every time they visit your area. As a
result, it is critical to conduct thorough research and determine a contractor’s expertise,
skill, and experience before hiring them.
At Woodenbox Interios Dubai, we provide you with a catalog of the most recent modern
trends in the market to help you decide on something to consider. As a result, you can
obtain a renovation quote to help you determine how much your project will cost.